Cottage Cheese

by Snoozer

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released March 21, 2014

all songs farted out of mike o'keefe. paul hewes. tom moore
recorded by dan and james at the sex dungeon in west philadelphia
mastered by ryan schwabe, philadelphia PA

special thanks to girl mike for vocals and don and jim for viola solos on inside out boy

tapes available through RANCHrecords



all rights reserved


Snoozer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

now we're called pet, but we still like these songs.

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Track Name: Big Howl
big howl
no cork in my throat
just a howling feeling
big howl
no quivering tongue
just a howling feeling

when i close my eyes
im big and strong
and the sun is bright
til i open them.
fuck i lose sight of my plan
and the hour is heavy in hand
so i pry
and get up in my head
im ripping my brain out

big howl

when i climb the tree
and reach out for
the highest branch
im almost there
when the sap gets all over my hands
and pine needles are poking my knees
so i whine
and tear at my chest
im ripping my lungs out

big howl

tree limbs coddle me and climbing up i remain
coddled by the branches of the tree that's beckoning
cooing, safely empty effort curse
a big howl building up in me like a burp... HICK-UP!


wish i had a dog
i dont have a dog but i will one day

job, i dont have a job
i dont really want one anyway

girl, think i want a girl?
yelling in my ear on the bad days

dog, think i need a dog
think ill get a dog to fill my days

a dog named achoo
say god bless you!
a dog won't be rude
just a bit unnerving
a dog can be true
but even a dog wont like you... ARF
Track Name: Le Repos
im not settling
for weathering
you can cattle prod me
to the grave
in a push up bra
and faded jeans

saddle up for le repos
come and get your 40 blows
come and warm your milky eyes
sit and watch this pain unfold

saddle up and dig right in
watch the promises rescind
come on boy, le repos
cancel all your shows

take this old purse and spill it all out
when you're in a hearse, just climb right back out
Track Name: Culture Swab
can i stay home from school
to mend my health?
i dont want to get up when
my beds so warm

my health is receding
im wheezing like hell
im queasy and freezing
no reason to bluff

dyphenhydramine and fall down
mom i need a blanket im cold
admire my genitals alone
another sick day to catch up on tv and caffeine
get my culture swab

can i watch another episode
of who's my dad?
can i listen to my tunes
and spin the wax?

churn my brain butter
turn into a nice batter
mix me up and pour me
feeling much better
Track Name: The Croup
walk me around in midnight air
and with my lungs take fragile care
grow up and be a business man
in a tall building like my dad
til then im apt to go along
plodding around in camo jeans
all of moms time is so carefree
we agree, mon frere,
c'est super cool! c'est super cool!

my only care
my one complaint
theres never enough
of the creamy center of the milky way


and like mickey mouse
im a cold and heartless animation
like anyone else
im a load of useless information
i keep my eyes to myself
and hand in my honest resignation
i head up to my room
and commence the endless masturbation
Track Name: Sharon Hill
im up in the air
swallowing clouds
never come down
cant buckle my shoe
or ever return
to my hometown

one trolley goes into sharon hill
its picturesque from a window sill
this place is torn like a wooden cross
that bitches hand wears a bitter chill
two girls makeout on a plastic chair
in sharon hill held captive there
peace and love will be together
we're lost but not forever
we can prove it to sharon hill

we count the days til summer comes
race home from school and suck our thumbs
i hope and pray for my girlfriend
she writes me poems on my tongue

in my trapdoor mind
i keep her locked up tight

im up in the air swallowing clouds never come down
cant buckle my shoe or ever return to my hometown

Track Name: Inside Out Boy
peace on earth
id rather peace of mind
cause ive got enough dumb shit
to fill out my own free time
hear me sing kumbaya
hear me say que sera
hear me give up and say
life's a stage

que sera

prance and forage
graze like cattle
inside out boy
up for hours

tom is my only friend
he comes home from school and
we get out of our heads
and play rock for hours
mom likes our new jams
she says "fit for radio"
i shed my new skin
til im inside out boy

you cant find me now
we ride we ride we ride around

mom take me home, take me way up

open the shutter
waking up brother
im getting a rise out of you

time is my only sin
i am never on time and
i can waste better than him
cause im super waste boy
i can dance and pogo and twist
cause im super cool indie kid
look good in skinny jeans
but i shed most of my skin
when im inside out boy

you cant find me now
we ride we ride we ride around


no words are coming yet
dan and james are so upset
i feel the pressure though
its always in my head, it hurts
so you better run and hide
better run and hide

stop calling me, all of you beat it
i give in i give up im retreating
push me out of the car at high speed
and forget that i ever was breathing

and forget that i ever was breathing